Windows Shortcuts and useful tools for developers

Here are a list of windows shortcuts and tools which every developer should know to work effectively.

Firefox Shortcuts
CTRL + number — can be used to navigate between tabs in firefox. For example CTRL+1 gives the first tab,CTRL+2 gives the second tab etc.
Explorer Shortcuts
Alt+D — leads to the address bar. The address bar as auto-completion like the tab in shells.
Command Prompt
F7 key–shows the command history
F8 key can be used to navigate across the history. Type the first few characters of the command and use the F8 key for auto-completion
Use pushd and popd. When inside a directory, pushd can be used to navigate to another directory and popd can be used to get back to the other directory. These commands work like a stack(LIFO), so prefer these over the simple cd.

CLCL — a multi-clipboard utility
Command Prompt Explorer bar — A sticky exlplorer-command prompt utility
Tweak UI
Virtual Desktop Manager

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