Musings high entropy

Well there seems a time when things just dont figure. Whenever i look back on the past few incidents it always seems to remind me of the saying ‘Life is what happens when you are planning for other things’. It seems to justify the fact that change and chaos are a very integral part of life and planning just doesnt figure in the scheme of things. There are numerous incidents when i thought i had planned to perfection only to realize that it was a mere misconstrued conception of the mind. Hence the thought arose that there seems to be one way in life … swim with the tide … that always helps and you dont end up feeling exhausted. There are differing opinions and people will claim that planning has worked for them but if one sits back and analyzes most of the focal things just happened. Seems there is a fortune, a way life knows and takes you. Anyways time for getting into the normal mundane rigmarole of life so the musings and the entropy has to simmer for the moment… but yeah I”LL BE BACK

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